Confrontation Between the Woman & the Dragon
Video 8 of
God's Anointed Warriors In The Last Days

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This 8th presentation is entitled “Confrontation Between the Woman & the Dragon” which will address important scenarios found in Revelation 12.

This session is designed to bring clarity for God’s people concerning this ongoing war which will continue right up to the 2nd coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Here we are presented with an overview of over six thousand years of spiritual warfare between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan.

This current session will provide the Army of our Lord with greater insights into the tactics of Satan and his Army of Darkness. These are insights which will strengthen God’s anointed warriors to confront an enemy who deeply desires to destroy the Kingdom of God on this earth.

Again, it is important to remember that the Book of Revelation has been written to the church in order to provide understanding of coming events - so that Christian leadership will be equipped to lead the Lord’s people through these tremendously challenging battles which lie shortly before us.

Video 8 workbook for small groups


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