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Revelation 7

Before the first trumpet sounds, the Lord will seal His chosen “servants of God” in order to protect them from the trumpet judgments that will soon descend upon the earth. These comprise a select group of “Warrior-Spirited Christians” whose light will continue to shine in the midst of great darkness.

They will bring the hope of salvation to millions of people who are scared and searching for answers in the midst of the forthcoming devastations. These “servants of God” are commonly referred to as the 144,000 from the twelve tribes of Israel.

This Presentation Will Address The Following:

  • 144,000 = The Army Of God In The Midst Of Tribulation
  • Who Are These “Sons Of Israel” Reflected By The Twelve Tribes?
  • Descendants Of Israel Now Living Among The Nations
  • A Numberless Multitude Worshiping Before The Throne
  • Leadership Qualities That Identify The 144,000

Video 5 workbook for small groups


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