Opening The 6th Seal & A Great War is Coming
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God's Anointed Warriors In The Last Days

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Opening the 6th Seal & A Great War that is Coming

(Revelation 6:12-17 & Ezekiel 38 -39)

A great event is about to take place that will grab the attention and concern of the entire world. It is a great war that begins in the Middle East, but will evolve into worldwide events that will be extremely terrifying.

This Middle Eastern war may possibly trigger the opening of the sixth seal as well as the subsequent trumpet judgments in Revelation 8-10.
This Presentation Will Address The Following:

  • A Mighty Army that is about to descend from the north upon Israel.
  • The Lord’s Response to this Invasion from the North – a response that will also reveal God’s Historical Purpose for Israel
  • Worldwide Catastrophic Events Will Follow On The Heels Of This War
  • The Opening Of The 6th Seal Will Be Such A Huge Event That It Will Bring The Entire World To Acknowledge The Reality Of God – Even Though The Great Majority Will Continue To Hate Him.
  • The Christian Attitude in the Midst of World War

Video 4 workbook for small groups


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