Warnings for American Church
Video 2 of
God's Anointed Warriors In The Last Days

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(Revelation 1 – 3)

This is an overview of Jesus’ letters to the churches in Asia Minor and how they parallel the American church of the 21st century.

Christian warriors need to stand back and take an unbiased and truthful look at the American church today; hopefully they will see that Jesus is not only speaking to the churches in His day, He is also speaking to us.

This presentation will address the:

  • Five churches in Asia Minor & the similarity with today’s American churches
  • Pre-Tribulation Rapture – from a Marine’s point of view
  • Three “Church Groups” that emerge during times of warfare
  • Betrayal that will arise within the American church – how and why?
  • Who are the “weeds” that have been sown in the midst of the church?
  • A great “falling away” that will occur in the last days – who are those who may “fall away”?

Yet, the promise of eternal salvation is to those who will remain steadfast and not compromise their faith.

Video 2 workbook for small groups


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